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My name is Simon Ørberg, and this is my film blog.
I have made something called a Shamelist which is a list of 50 films that I'm embarrassed of never having seen. My goal on this blog is to review all 50 films on that list (as well as any other film I might watch) before the end of the year.
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Film: Shut Up And Play The Hits
Director: Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern
Must-See Classic? No
Rating: 5/5
Review: I have tried several times now to write this review but nothing seems to exactly sum up how this film made me feel. There are just certain rare moments in films or TV shows that make me realize how beautifully art can be executed in this format. One example that I always bring up is the season 3 final of Breaking Bad where I was literally left speechless for minutes because I simply couldn’t grasp how masterfully written the show had proven itself to be. I had this feeling up to several times throughout Shut Up And Play The Hits where I had to pause to cry or simply sit in awe of how perfect it was. That’s why I can’t really put into words how much I loved this documentary. Sure, a big part of it is without a doubt because LCD Soundsystem is my favourite band at the moment so you might say that I probably wouldn’t like this as much if I had seen it at another point in my life but why does that matter? Right now I think Shut Up And Play The Hits is the greatest documentary I have ever seen, and it is highly recommendable to anyone just slightly interested in this kind of music.

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